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Winter Operations: Blizzard 2015 DPW Resident Letter

Public Works Department
January 28, 2015

Dear Resident, 

Winter operations, including pretreatment, plowing/sanding and cleanup, are a critical component of Public Safety.  Operations are coordinated with Police and Fire Departments. 

Cleanup is necessary due to snow drifting, icing and private snow cleanup following requests from residents, Middletown Police and Fire.  Cleanup ensures that drainage patterns and/or systems function properly without causing icing of road surface and/or flooding of roadway or properties.  Also, road width is maintained to provide adequate area for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Unfortunately, during normal winter operations, it is not uncommon for snow to enter driveways and walkways.  

Also, the Town has implemented new programs that utilize new technology that reduces costs for residents.  One such program is the addition of Salt Brine for pretreatment.  Salt Brine provides a lower cost option of pretreatment by reducing labor and material usage. 

In summary, the Town is committed to providing Public Safety services while taking into consideration the cost and impacts on our residents.


Thank you

Tom O’Loughlin

DPW Director