Public Works Department

Mailbox Damaged by Snowplow

Q. What do I do when my mailbox gets plowed away with the snow?

If you live on a town road*,  the Department of Public Works can assist you!

The easiest way to request assistance is to submit a ‘Citizen Request’ through the Town’s website. Follow the following menu choices to submit your issue:

1.        Go to, then

2.       Select the “Help?” icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the Town home page;

3.       a.       Enter your name and email address;

b.    b.    Enter any comments you may have, including your address.   

Or call the Department of Public Works at (401) 846-2119.

You may want to have your mail held at the local post office until your mailbox is replaced.  You may call the Middletown PO at 846-0663 or fill out a ‘hold mail’ card when you visit the Post Office.

(Please note that the Town uses a standard post and mailbox to replace those damaged by our snowplows.  DPW will replace the mailbox and post as soon as possible, but it may take a few weeks, weather permitting,)  

* Residents on state roads (East Main Road, West Main Road, Aquidneck Avenue and Valley Road) may contact RIDOT Mailbox Claims at (401) 734-4842 if your mailbox is damaged by snowplows.