Public Works Department

November 2016 Road Bond

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, voters will be asked to consider approving a $5 million bond that will fund critical repairs to roads that are considered ‘poor’ or ‘failed’.  Replacing these roads is an essential part of Middletown’s long-term capital improvement plan.

The Department of Public Works assesses the condition of town roads on a regular basis, creating a Road Condition Index (RCI). This inventory scores each road based on physical conditions and defects.  Roads are categorized as BEST (75-100), GOOD (50-74), FAIR (25-49) and POOR (0-24).  Approximately 10% of all roads are identified as being POOR.  But the current annual operating budget only covers the maintenance of roads that are in fair or good condition.  Additional funds are needed to replace roads that are in poor or failed condition.  The bond money would be used to replace these 36 roads over the next five years, beginning in 2017. 

Improvements to town infrastructure will increase property values, aid in promoting economic development, and contribute to a better quality of life for residents.  The bonds will be repaid over a 20-year period at no additional increase to taxpayers, with debt service payments coming out of current property tax revenues.   Using bond money to replace roads will also free up money in the Capital Improvement Program and in the regular operating budget to address on-going and future maintenance issues for road pavement management.


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