Public Works Department

Onsite Wastewater Management Plan

Onsite Wastewater Management Plan (OWMP) Purpose and Scope

The purpose for developing an Onsite Wastewater Management Plan (OWMP) for the Town of Middletown is to ensure the proper management of wastewater and to protect the community’s environmental resources. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Office of Water Resources, who acts as the primary reviewing authority, has prepared specific guidelines governing the preparation of wastewater management plans.  The development of this document was created in compliance with the guidelines necessary to qualify for funding under the State’s Revolving Fund (SRF), Community Septic System Loan Program (CSSLP).

The Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan has a goal to “protect and preserve the town’s natural drinking water supply” and a related action item for the Department of Public Works and Town Council to “establish a Wastewater Management District to ensure that Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems ((OWTSs)/septic systems) are inspected and properly maintained, repaired and replaced.” The establishment of the district provides a means to properly manage the use of OWTSs as well as to develop standards for repair, design and construction of OWTSs. To attain this goal, Crossman Engineering was selected to prepare the OWMP and to assist in drafting a Wastewater Management District Ordinance.

The OWMP provides the essential basis for implementing an effective OWTS inspection and maintenance program, and the Wastewater Management District Ordinance shall require that property owners have OWTSs periodically inspected, pumped out as needed and maintained. This will ensure that OWTSs meet treatment standards to “protect and preserve the town’s natural drinking water supply” and the environment.